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Ladies, when it’s your turn for the menstruation phase of the month, powering through your period takes a little knowledge. We already talked about eating for your hormones throughout the month but now let’s talk about how you can power through the RED.

Prepared Yourself.

This is where spending a little extra time prepping those fat bombs and other treats (and maybe stashing and freezing them so you don’t over-indulge…) goes such a long way. It’s so much better for you to have a keto treat on hand for when the cravings are overpowering than to reach for a Kit Kat and later feel bad about it.

If you haven’t been able to prepare and you need something right now or you’ll go postal, go for a square of dark chocolate – the darker the better. My two favorite dark chocolates are ChocZero or Lily’s. These would be the best choice for anyone who follows the keto lifestyle.

Ladies, when it’s your turn for the menstruation phase of the month, learn how you can start powering through your period while living the #keto life! Click To Tweet

Watch These When Powering Through Your Period.

Do NOT under any circumstances weigh yourself when you are all bloated up. That will majorly mess with your head. I hate the scale. You should just throw it out altogether. But if you still like to weigh in I cannot tell you enough you will not be pleased with that scale during this time of the month!

Also you will want to chill on the cheese a bit. Dairy can puff our bloated tummies up even more. Of course if you must have some dairy, stick to 4 ounces of dairy per day at most.

Keep on eye on things.

Keep a tab on your calories – make sure you’re eating ENOUGH. Don’t go into some weird crazy starvation mode because you are feeling extra bloated. Eat enough and keep exercising – exercising releases endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands (remember, Legally Blonde?!)

Also, keep your pH levels in check. Drink lots of water with some True Lemon packets in there. True Lemon is just dehydrated lemon juice, and you can pick up packets at Walmart or grab a bulk pack on Amazon.

Lastly, when powering through your period…

The moral of today’s story is that your hormones can be supported with a ketogenic lifestyle. It’s amazing in how it fills us up, makes us FEEL good, and heals our beautiful bodies!

So ladies, where are you at in supporting your hormones? And men (if you are reading this) how will you use this information to support the women in your life?

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