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This is Keto Meal Plan that my family and I followed. As a busy wife and mother, I like to keep meals easy and budget friendly. So, my recipes don’t require a lot of weird ingredients. I also love to use the extra food from dinner for lunch the next day. This keeps you needing to cook less and still get great keto meals every day.

This is what is working for me and what I personally eat each day and I share that at no cost.

The meal plan can be customized by you however you wish. It is up to each person to tweak as needed to fit their needs. This is just meant to be a jumping off point for your week. There are thousands of people following this plan so I do not customize them. If you need to substitute check out my other keto recipes and substitute with a recipe that has a similar macro count.

Click the photo below to instantly download the full meal plan with grocery shopping list and recipes!

To order the supplements I use each and every day while following keto, click this link. Also be sure you see Sue Hall as your Ambassador at the top of the screen when you order! And, a great money saving tip. Set up a “Subscribe and Save” and get 5% off (and I don’t know about you but I love to save money!)

And don’t forget – be sure to drink at least 1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water per day.

Snacks and desserts are not listed in this meal plan. When you’ve gotten the hang of keto, you can indulge in keto snacks and desserts, in moderation.

Free Keto Meal Plan June 21 to June 27

Click to download the free keto meal plan, grocery shopping list and recipes

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