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Eating for your hormones can truly make a world of difference throughout the month for a woman following the keto lifestyle.

Ladies, when we can eat to support our hormones, versus eating because we are hormonal, our bodies – and minds – feel so much better. Why spend half of each month – practically half of our lives – miserable, bloated, and craving everything but the kitchen sink? We can prevent crazy hormone symptoms with delicious, ketogenic foods.

Even if you no longer get a period, this is useful information as your body is still changing monthly.

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Eating For Your Hormones During Each Phase

During the menstrual phase of your cycle your body is calling for proteins and fats. This is a week to stay very low in your carbs and really focus on upping your fats and proteins. You can read more about how to keto through your period by clicking here.

The follicular phase is when you should be focusing on fermented foods – sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and pickled veggies (beware of added sugars), and raw cheeses. Your body is preparing for ovulation and is asking you to take care of your gut health. If you’re not yet taking a probiotic, now is the time to consider it. Probiotics are truly one of the best probiotics out there and the one I take every single day and I highly recommend you add this to your daily routine.

While we are ovulating, our bodies love raw foods. This is a week to load up on avocados, coconut milk, raw cocoa powder, salads, and raw seeds/nuts. My favorite “raw” treat during ovulation week is the Bulletproof Get Some Ice Cream, and I have it leftover from my menstrual week when I’m focused on proteins and fats.

The luteal phase is most well known for PMS symptoms – aka becoming a frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic! But it doesn’t have to be that way, and if you are eating to support your hormones, it won’t. This phase calls for fully cooked foods. Instead of raw salads, go for a bowl of roasted veggies, drenched in butter or ghee. Alternatively, you can opt for some tasty protein slow cooked in your crock pot or Instant Pot.

At each phase, eating the right keto foods can make a world of difference!

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