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Helping Families Successfully Live the Keto Life in a Carb Filled World!

Personal Keto Coaching

When was the last time you received the personal attention you deserve and talked with someone about your health?

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My mission is to help you FEEL and FIT better in your clothes, achieve sustained energy throughout the day, and create a sustainable fat-fueled lifestyle through highly effective coaching techniques to help you find the right form of the ketogenic lifestyle that works best for you.

Need help learning the basics of the keto life?

Want to learn how to get your body into ketosis fast?

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Sue’s Success Tips

Eat Fat. Burn Fat. Love Life!

I know how frustrating yo-yo dieting can be. Despite having the best intentions, sugar and carb cravings take over and the scale starts moving in the wrong direction. Here you will learn simple strategies, tips, information on ways you can be successful living the ketogenic lifestyle in a carb-filled world.


Ready to Reboot Your Body?

Do you need help controlling cravings? Having more energy? Overcoming a plateau? Teaching your body to run on fat for fuel? Then THIS is for you!

Online Coaching Resources

3 Day Challenge

Reaching your goals is possible. This 3-Day Challenge is designed to show you how easy it can be to live a new healthy, happy lifestyle.

7 Day Slimdown

Hello satisfaction. Goodbye inches! This 7 day challenge will help you control your hunger, feel fuller longer, plus help you burn fat and boost your metabolism.

Career Coaching

Make it your mission to empower people to live happier and healthier lives every day!

Sue’s Recipes

Low-carb living never tasted so good!

I am a former head chef at a five star hunting lodge and true foodie at heart. Hunger is for the birds!  Gone are the days of diets that leave you feeling hungry and eating food that tastes like cardboard.  I believe that food should be fun to make and taste delicious and I will show you how to do exactly that as your stick to your keto lifestyle ~ BON APPÉTIT!


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